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Virusfree protects your e-mail communication from viruses, spam and attacks from the Internet. Simple to use with outstanding reliability, it is the most effective product of its kind. Major companies and public institutions count on Virusfree to stay safe. You, can count on us, too!

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"Deploying Virusfree took a few minutes and the service was fully operational within an hour. Since then we never see it - or spam either. Its exactly as I would imagine a reliable and optimized service."

Jan Hájek, executive Záž s.r.o.

"The best solution that we’ve had at S & T. I don’t even know what spam is anymore!"

Petr Hněvkovský, Security consultant, S&T CZ s.r.o.

"Smooth and rapid deployment, simple administration, professional support and most importantly - Virusfree service works as expected."

Pavel Pekárek, head of operating systems administration, AERO Vodochody a.s.

"The best of all tested solutions, and even with great support."

Bc. Aleš Houdek, head of support and development of LAN networks
Institute of Computer Science
Charles University, Prague