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How does it work?

How does Virusfree help you?

  • Potential risks are safely filtered before they arrive in your mailbox.
  • Our solution significantly reduces the cost of managing your own mail servers.
  • We guarantee the availability of e-mail to your domain.
  • The effectiveness of the protection guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • If your mail servers are down, we back up all of your incoming mail.

Key features and benefits of Virusfree

  • Constains many antivirus and antispam engines.
  • Virus and spam scanning technologies that are constantly updated and improved.
  • Starting to use our service in your existing infrastructure is fast and simple.
  • Our service is highly scalable so you can grow as you need.
  • Security of communication is ensured by using TLS encryption.

How does Virusfree work?

All e-mail communication passes through the Virusfree "firewall", where we apply spam and virus control according to the level of filtering that you want. "Safe" mail is then sent over an encrypted channel to your mail server where spam-free mail can be delivered to individual mailboxes.

Security of Virusfree

  • Elimination of the risk of direct attack by closing your public SMTP gateway
  • Communication encryption via TLS / SSL
  • Secure signature for identifying valid e-mail
  • Implementation of the SPF and DKIM safety mechanism to prevent email abuse

Important Virusfree statistics

  • 99.9% Success rate for spam capture
  • 100% Accuracy when identifying valid e-mail
  • 100% Success rate for virus identification and removal
  • Automated and secure updates every 60 seconds
  • 4 high performance nodes

Three features for safety and reliability

Virusfree lets you separate the tasks of providing security from providing email functionality. You no longer have to limit the functionality of custom servers in order increase your level of spam and virus security.

  1. Your mail server can’t be reached by the public over internet, meaning it can’t be directly attacked.
  2. If your mail server is down or unavailable, you will not lose any incoming e-mails, Virusfree can store your incoming mail for up to 7 days.
  3. When using Virusfree , all of your e-mail communication uses strong encryption when possible, so nobody will be able to eavesdrop on your mail.

Comparison with other methods of e-mail protection

Type of threat anti-spam
from other vendors
from other vendors
from other vendors
fraudulent e-mails (phishing)
malware (viruses, worms, spyware) spreading e-mail
DoS attack
listening to the last mile
mail spoofing
attack, misuse of the mail server

Guarantee of services by SLA

from other vendors
from other vendors
satisfaction guaranteed
guarantee time to check e-mails
guaranteed availability
guaranteed 100% antivirus effectiveness
guaranteed no "false positives"

6 advantages of the Virusfree anti-spam and anti-virus service

  1. Financial savings

    Virusfree significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and operation of your own mail servers. Your servers will only need to handle the mail delivery to individual users and won’t be burdened with dealing spam and viruses. Your investment in Virusfree will show returns after only three months.
  2. Time-saving

    We do all the work to make sure you have safe email communication. There is no need for you to ever configure or manage anything at all. Your IT professionals will be freed from the hassle of protecting your email communication and can instead focus on business critical tasks and supporting your company.
  3. Maximum safety

    Communication between Virusfree and your mail server is securely encrypted. The Virusfree service has multiple backups and redundant servers in several geographically dispersed areas. We are in no way dependent on any single supplier’s services or products.
  1. Powerful and scalable

    Our gateway handles a huge volume of e-mails each day. With Virusfree you don’t have to worry about many of the risks associated with the failure of mail servers and you have a guarantee that emails will never be lost in the Virusfree system. The Virusfree network gateway is designed for higher efficiency than multiple single-purpose systems, increasing the performance of your mail server up to 70% by moving the heavy load of anti-virus and anti-spam protection to us.
  2. Very simple implementation

    Virusfree is completely platform independent (Unix, Solaris, Linux, Windows, etc..). When you implement our system there is no need to adjust your configurations or install any software on your systems. Our mail security service and your servers are guaranteed to be compatible.
  3. Excellent guarantees

    The level of service you decide to use with Virusfree is clearly and firmly set in the SLA of our contract, along with penalties if we don’t meet these promised levels. You can focus your attention on your core business and be assured that your e-mail will be a reliable communication tool with your customers and partners.

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Try Virusfree, free!