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Hospitals must protect staff and IT systems, we offer free assistance

Hospitals have to protect mainly doctors, nurses and other staff. But it must not forget the protection of IT systems.

March 27, 2020

We all think of paramedics, doctors, nurses and other personnel who are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 nowadays. They need to be protected against new virus so that they can do their important work while not spreading the dangerous disease further.

Hospitals operate in a special mode, closed to ordinary patients, deploy effective protective equipment and many sophisticated methods prevent threats.

Unfortunately, the IT world, which is absolutely crucial for the operation of hospitals today, is still in danger. Unfortunately, the attackers are exploiting the current situation and focusing on the most important and thus the most vulnerable elements. This is a very serious problem, as the recent attacks on the hospitals in Benešov and Brno have shown. The attacked hospital is totally paralyzed, unable to perform its function and provide assistance to seriously ill patients.

As hospital buildings are quarantined, IT systems should also be protected by special means. In order to effectively ensure information security and availability of services, it is necessary to close the boundaries between hospital systems and the rest of the world. Only pre-selected and verified data can be passed through this barrier. This is the only way to prevent the introduction of dangerous infections into information systems.

Active protection against outside attacks is a key factor, the simplest and fastest to implement. Therefore we have created an offer for all hospitals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - during the emergency period status we [provide our active Virusfree security protection for free] (https://www.virusfree.cz/cs/reseni/podle-odvetvi/zdravotnictvi). We need to ensure rapid implementation into as many hospitals as possible.

We have a lot of experience and long-term cooperation with the state administration and many organizations including the Regional Hygiene Station Olomouc, University Hospital Olomouc and more.

So what can we offer these organizations? Penetration Tests revealing all security vulnerabilities in systems and install Virusfree solution to detect Internet threats.

See our industry-specific solutions, services we offer and secure yourself from many types of threats. If you are an endangered hospital facility, contact us and we will help you, provide free expertise and technology.

The big advantage of our solution is that it can be deployed very quickly to the perimeter of the network and there is no need to purchase a new equipment or rebuild existing systems. A quick solution is exactly what we need at this time.

We decided to get involved because everyone should help according to their abilities and capabilities. With our expertise we want to help solve another piece of the current problem. We can do it together.

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