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Security is not a science, it takes 10 minutes to enable protection

You don't need to read complicated manuals or become a security expert to protect your business.

April 17, 2020

Security is a complicated and complex field, no doubt about it. However, this does not mean that every user must become an expert with many years of experience. A useful rule says that you will achieve 80% success with 20% effort. This is true even in the case of security.

Most of the threats come today by e-mail, users are flooded with malicious links, requests to disclose sensitive data, or infected attachments on a daily basis. This is the main channel for spreading threads. An irresponsible user then clicks and gets the entire organization into trouble.

However, providing extensive protection is surprisingly simple and takes about 10 minutes. What's more, it's not rocket science, and virtually everyone can do it. You just need few simple steps.

Whole protection will be done by the Virusfree service, which will automatically monitor your incoming mail, reject dangerous messages and mark suspicious emails in the subject. It is up to you how to handle such mail in your mailboxes.

1. Complete a simple form

First, visit [Virusfree website] (https://www.virusfree.cz/en/try-virusfree) and fill out a simple form. Our team will contact you and ask you some additional questions. You will then receive an activation email with all the details.

2. Edit the DNS configuration

DNS is a service that takes care of the functionality of your domain. According to the published records, the sender's servers know where the messages are going. So you need to sign in to your domain registrator and make some changes.

Above all, you need to add new MX records to keep your emails secure. Suppose your organization uses example.com domain. In this case, your new MX records would look like this:

  •     example.com MX 10 ax.virusfree.cz.
  •     example.com MX 20 bx.virusfree.cz.
  •     example.com MX 30 cx.spamfree.cz.
  •     example.com MX 40 dx.spamfree.cz.

If you did everything right, mail will flow through a system that will take care of your protection. No more spam, malicious emails, or virus attachments. This was easy, wasn't it?

3. Optional enhancements

If you want to go even further and improve your protection even more, you can take a few additional steps. However, they require more advanced knowledge, so entrust them to someone experienced.

We recommend changing the TTL of the MX record to 600 seconds. This will enable faster responses to other changes later.

If all of your domains are protected by Virusfree, you can block mail from unknown sources. Therefore, close the communication to your mail server so that it does not accept TCP_SYN connections to port 25 from IP addresses other than those used by Virusfree servers. Only allow the following ranges:,,,, 2001:67c:15a0::/46, 2001:67c:1590::/47..

Also, do not apply additional protection to your server when receiving emails from the above ranges. Mail has already passed a comprehensive check and further filtering could cause unnecessary trouble.

Month of free service

If this simple protection system suits you, you can use it free for a month to experience how comfortable and easy it is to ensure the security of your organization or business. Users will no longer have to worry about opening mail and you will have calm sleep.

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