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The most common email threats I.

October 31, 2019

Attackers use various forms of email attacks. Some are easy to defeat; some could compromise your device and data. Today we will describe two most common threats.


Phishing is an email threat where the attacker is trying to steal your private information, or credentials via email. Message text asks you to update or confirm your information or credentials. The pretends to be company you know – such us your bank, Netflix, or PayPal.

The email usually contains the link pointing to a website, where you can perform requested activity. The website can look similar or the same as the original one, but the web address will be different. If you fill your data in the forms and submit them, it is stolen.

Snímek obrazovky 2019-10-31 v 9.16.12

Zdroj: Security.barkeley.edu


Spear-phishing and phishing very similar. Yet spear-phishing messages are more personalized and they don’t start with general greetings, such us „Dear customer“. These emails look like they were written by a person you know. Main goal is the same. Get your sensitive data, credentials or money.

How to protect and prevent these threats?

Remember, the easiest way is to check the email legitimacy. We’ve shared on our blog 5 steps on how to easily recognize a malicious email.
Also, you still have the possibility to call the sender to make sure he or she sent that particular message.

Virusfree is able to identify these threats in realtime and prevent them to be delivered into your mailbox. Read here how Virusfree works.

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