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5 tips what to do when you receive a scam e-mail

October 21, 2019


In the last blogpost we’ve introduced 5 steps on how to easily identify malicious email. Today we will describe what to do, if you identify the email as scam.

1. Don’t panic

If you followed our 5 steps, there is no reason to panic. Nothing will happen if the email just „come into your mailbox“. Your device is not infected, you have no virus in it and no data were stolen.

2. Don’t trust the content

If you are forced to click on the link, to download the attachment, or to pay anything in cryptocurrency, think first. Links and attachments are often an indication of malicious email. They are used to infect your device. Scams also trying to put the recipient under pressure.

3. Check the email authenticity

Before you open the invoice, or follow the link, make sure alleged sender is really the sender who wrote the email. Make a quick phone call to customer support, or to person from whom the message supposedly came. You will find out very quickly, weather the email is scam, or not. If the sender is an unknown person from an unknown company, or even yourself, you‘ve probably got a scam email.

4. Report spam

Help the other users too. Report the scam email with „Report a spam“ button. You will increase the bad rating of this email and reduce the chance anyone else will get it.

5. Delete the email

When you will find out, the email is really scam, the easiest thing you can do is to delete the message.

The best protection from scam is prevention. If you will use any effective antivirus and antispam solution, such us Virusfree. Virusfree detects scams, mark them and emails which are known as malicious will be automatically deleted. So you they will not get into your mailbox. Our customers can also ask on our customer support for help.

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