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TLS 1.3 in SMTP usage survey - July 2019

August 22, 2019

Starting from today Virusfree will release monthly statistics regarding the usage of TLS 1.3 and other related protocols and compare them to previous months.

We, at Virusfree.cz, are keeping our eyes on the inbound SMTP communication and its protection for few months already. Thanks to this activity we can provide you with new actual stats every month.

Stats from july

In July we've seen that already 51% of all SMTP connections are encrypted in some way. On the other hand we still have cca 49% of inbound SMTP traffic unencrypted.

Currently 6,4% of from all encrypted SMTP communication was encrypted with TLS 1.3.



We started to collect the SMTP data on February. The usage of TLS 1.3 at that time was just 2%. During the next three months it rises and in june the it was 16,5% for TLS 1.3 usage. That means 14% growth.

We can see from the statistics that the usage of TLS 1.3 rises every month, just during the summer, probably because of smaller SMTP traffic, the usage of TLS 1.3 is also smaller.

We will see how will the stats change next months. So stay in touch so you will not miss it!

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