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Cloud antispam is better than your local installation

Why it makes sense to move an antispam solution to the cloud run by real professionals who understand it.

April 23, 2020

E-mail is flooded with spam and without a solid antispam solution it can no longer be used anymore. But it is not easy to choose and set everything correctly in the amount of products. We will show you why it is better to entrust everything to experts and not try to build your own antispam solution.

There are basically two main approaches: buy a license for one of the antivirus and antispam products, purchase your own server, install and run everything in your own server room, and keep it running. The second option is to rely on a cloud solution and use a ready-made cloud service.

Here are main reasons why a cloud solution is better than a custom installation.


If you want to start with your own antispmam, you need to consider buying sufficiently powerful hardware. Keep in mind that the new server will be the gateway to all your mail. He must therefore cope with a relatively large attacks.

When deploying cloud antispam, you don't have to deal with anything like that, because you won't need your own hardware. Everything is in charge of experts from the company that sets up antispam for you. They take care of their servers and run all the necessary services on them.


The next step is to install the necessary software and configure the entire infrastructure. Modern antispam relies on many different technologies such as PTR, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, TLSA and much more. Mail is a complex and multi-layered technology. You need to have experts who take care of the whole solution.

Installing cloud antispam, on the other hand, is very easy and you can do it in 10 minutes. You don't have to understand any of the above, you don't have to deploy or configure anything. Someone else will take care of everything you need.


E-mail messages often go in waves. For a while, your antispam is bored, and then a new spam campaign comes along and the data streams shoot up to ten times higher numbers. In the case of your own installation, you have to care about this and your infrastructure must be prepared for it, otherwise part of it will become clogged and you will no longer receive legitimate mails. Another problem will occur when your company grows and the current solution will not have enough capacity.

Cloud solutions are generously sized because they have to handle mail in a huge number of mailboxes, and the greater the pressure on them. It must have enough powerful hardware and very fast network lines. They commonly encounter huge spam campaigns, so something like this can't surprise them. Only proven and secure mail will reach you.


Your work does not end with the installation, it is necessary to think about constant maintenance and updates. The e-mail environment is evolving, new features and security protocols are being added. You need to constantly monitor, evaluate and make sure that you are in line with the rest of the world.

When you pass your antispam to professionals, you leave the whole area to them. Their daily job is to monitor traffic, news and deploy current technologies. If you read about some antispam news in the news, you can be sure that you have been using it for a long time and you didn't have to do anything about it.


Updates are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of antispam and antivirus. Updates bring information about new threats to your software, and your filter can respond correctly than. But how often does your solution provider send such updates? Once a week? Daily?

On the other hand, the cloud antispam and antivirus are constantly updated, there is no need to wait for the release of a package of news. When a new threat appears, the filters respond to it immediately because they have all the information in a first hand. In addition, the operator of such a large solution has a huge amount of data from all the mailboxes it operates. It detects an attack very quickly and prepares protection immediately. Further attempts at attack will not reach the target at all.


Don't receiving mail again? Or do all your messages fall into spam? In such a situation, you have to contact your administrator, but it's Saturday or it's a holiday, and he will have two more weeks off. The mail system is still absolutely critical for the operation of the company and you can't just afford a several days outage.

The cloud service will offer you 24/7 support and not just 8/5, as your local administrator. If you have a problem, you can always ask experienced professionals, who will always help you with your situation.


We have already said that the mail system must be available at all times. The whole company is depending on the flow of mail and one lost message can cause great difficulties and financial losses. That's why you need to keep your antispam and antivirus solutions running and working. If you place it in offices, it will be very difficult to ensure high availability. If you experience a power outage or internet connection interruption, all your mail service will stop running.

From the point of view of Internet service, it is always more advantageous if the infrastructure runs in the cloud and is always accessible from the Internet. Regardless of the fact that your office is currently undergoing outage or the cleaning lady has blown the cable. You can be sure that everything is still functional and highly available.


A local solution fully managed by the local IT department has always been considered more secure because the company has the entire infrastructure under control. But more and more companies, including banks and government organizations, are joining the cloud solution. Experts from a large and strong service provider can monitor and secure whole infrastructure against current security threats. It's their job.

Of course, this does not mean that you can recklessly pass all your data to anyone. You need to look at what mechanisms and procedures the company uses and whether it will take good care of your sensitive data. The market is inclined to believe that a specialized provider can do its job much better than a small local IT department.


Every company and organization considers whether a particular solution is valuable or not. The classic installation of security software on your own hardware requires the purchase of the server or servers, their maintenance, the purchase of licenses, maintenance payments and professional administrators. At the same time, running such a system requires sufficient power, cooling and backup.

If you choose a cloud service, you are only interested in monthly payments for it. Price is signii lantlyower than maintaining your own solution, because the service provider does its job in bulk and is able to do everything more efficiently and cheaply. Then you only pay for what you really use.


Antivirus and antispam solutions must be reliable in all circumstances and must always fulfill their function. You don't want any malicious software and annoying spam in your network. To meet this requirements, however, you must meet a number of conditions: up-to-date software, powerful hardware, proper configuration, knowledge of all threats, running technologies and much more.

The cloud solution has the best conditions: professional administrators, powerful hardware, dimensioned infrastructure, the latest software and all current technologies. It also has a huge advantage over the local installation: it is constantly learning from the threats that are continuously coming. That solution will not disappoint you and will always protect you reliably.

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