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APB Plzeň

I’m satisfied with the Virusfree service. We noticed decrease of the number of unwanted spam emails and malicious attachments.


DPMO (DP Olomouc)

The change of the internal antispam solution to Virusfree solution was the right step. It saves finances, time, and... because of the service we could be less worried. We are completely satisfied with the service.


Magistrát města Kladna

Town Kladno is using the Virusfree as the antispam security service for 400 users. With Virusfree we solved... the problem with permanent testing of the old antispam solution and ensured good and quick email deliverability. Other big advantage is quick and superior technical support. Thanks to the support, our employees from IT department have more time for other tasks. Using the Virusfree was a right choice.


DB Schenker

We use the Virusfree service for seven years and we are still satisfied. We appreciate malware detection the most... Because of this we save a lot of money, which where use for the data recovery and for covering the money lost because of the recent ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks were now eliminated by Virusfree. We also appreciate individual approach and technical consultations about the enhancing the email service security.



Virusfree service is simple and reliable. It also contains good customer support.


Česká zbrojovka

The change of antispam solution brought to us clear immediate improvement. Good customer support of the service and well-arranged... customer portal contribute to the thought that no one is sending spams to us and that no one is attacking the users privacy through email.


Aero vodochody

Seamless and fast deployment, easy management, professional support and most importantly - Virusfree works the way we expected.


Univerzita Karlova

The best solution from all the ones we tested. In addition with great support.

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Excello s.r.o

CRN: 27444899

VAT number: CZ27444899

Prague, Czechia

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